The Winter Sing is back for 2020!  We are looking forward to keeping the Scratch Choir singing all through the winter months, so that they can make it through to next summer okay.  

If you want to come to the Winter Sing, please use the registration form to the right of the screen and fill in your details - it won't take long.

Ali, Barbara and I first held this one day's singing workshop last year because we'd had lots of people asking us when we were going to see you all again and that they all wanted to carry on singing with us!.  So we chose some uplifting songs with a 'warming winter' theme and we set about teaching them.

The day was wonderful and it was lovely to see old friends again and join in with them in great harmony singing!

Here's a little sample of how we got on …

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  1. Brilliant day!! loved the songs and the company.
    thanks to the ABC teaching team again!